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Mitigate the hired-killer trend

Mitigate the hired-killer trend


Mention about hired killer, many would not have expected that the lucrative career is now making its headway in Malaysia which is for all this while known to be peaceful compared with neighbouring countries.

Those who used to watch iconic films, “Kill Bill” on a life of a hired killer may be amazed by the ‘principle and dignity’ displayed by the professional group of hired killer.

However, the hired killer in Malaysia is feared to comprise those amateurs who have no principle in choosing their ‘assignment’ or lack the dignity in implementing their ‘task’ towards the victim.

This is specially so among the young who are still trying to endear themselves with the crime world and only thought of the amount paid to them without any regard why they are hired to finish off the target.

There are no less of the young who murdered for the sake of power in a group or to enhance the image among the group of gangsters and thugs who fight for ‘territory’ or just revenge.

While getting new assignment, the hired killers are also involved in other crimes like robbery, snatching, kidnap and so forth by using firearms against their target or the public.

The public are concern at the increasing number of murder incidents using firearms but arrest and the solution for the cases are rather rare.

To the Adviser of the Malaysian Royal Police Pensioners Association (Respa), Datuk Mohd. Jamil Mohd. Hassa, murder using firearms now was different with the past which were generally carried out by the armed communists.

“The communists used selected target that put a barrier agenda and it is free for students coming poor in rural schools.

“They also comprise people of many races, probably Chinese, Indians or Malays. It’s difficult to determine their race. It is probably the work of foreigners in cases near to the border,” he said.

He saw the victims in several cases in the East Coast involving businessmen who are involved in shady business deal, and those involve in enforcement.

Mohd Jamil said that victims also comprise those of various social level – the rich, lorry drivers who were killed by foreign hired killer for revenge or business competitor like gambling or prostitution.

“The killer may not think of profit in accepting the murder task. It may involve a rampaging gang or more than one gang but feel like that the death in armed robbery cases do not involve hired killing.

“I do not have the latest information but the police has refuse to expose further information or having limited evidence on the killing as investigation is still on-going,” he said.

In the case of arms smuggling, he is of the view that those who wanted to bring in arms were capable of doing easily despite the various preventive effort been made by border authorities.

Mohd Jamil stated that uncontrolled use of fire arms in the neighbouring state made it easy for smugglers to try many means to bring in arms into Malaysia.

He said Malaysia was more stringent on arms ownership law. Those who were caught carrying arms without license (but not use) could be charged in court which carries hefty fine or imprisonment while those caught with arms in criminal cases like robbery or snatching could be imposed with life imprisonment.

Mohd Jamil however saw the problem of hired killing mostly rely on human factor because it was not easy for a person to kill another person.

“To be a killer we have to be daring and stone-hearted and not just shoot wantonly. It doesn’t mean that by having arms, a person can simply shoot and kill,” he said.

Former Field Commander of the Army, Liet. Gen ® Datuk Seri Zaini Mohd Said said the new trend that made Malaysian the target of murder was very frightful.

“This must be the priority by the authorities to mitigate it from getting widespread if we are to create an orderly and peaceful society. People are not as fearful of blackmailing, robbery, snatching, as compared with hired killing.

“Although there are cases involving individual murder, I think the main source is that due to certain syndicate or gangster which enhance the way of putting fear on their target by hiring a killer,” he said.

He said before, many people thought hired killer come from neighbouring countries but to him, the hired killer now came from our own society especially when firearms were easily available by smuggling it into the country.

Zaini said our people should have the consciousness not to be involved in crime activities including borrowing from those who were unlicensed.

“Unlicensed lenders are fond of using strong arm tactics when debts are not paid,” he said.

He suspected that certain quarters were also involved in contributing to the trend by providing firearms for hire service on short term basis.

Zaini was also concern with the trend as it gave a bad image of Malaysia to the world.