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Between Tok Mun and Nik Aziz

Between Tok Mun and Nik Aziz

By Zulkiflee Bakar

“I say this, if UMNO change its national policy to Islam, and UMNO and Pas consolidate, what is there for me to be in politic anymore. It only disturbed my sleep. But as long as the Malays support UMNO, it is incumbent upon me to fight because this is part of mungkar (unIslamic deed).”

These words don’t come from an ordinary man but from Menteri Besar and Spiritual Leader of a party that claim to fight for Islam and revered by his followers as ulama (Muslim clergy) and tok guru (religious teacher).

But unfortunately, this particular soul has never repented and careful with his words. Just because of political differences he just said his piece to disparage his political foe, that is UMNO.

Such is the nauseating behavior of Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat who from time to time remains with his arrogance by nurturing the politics of hatred among the Pas members towards UMNO.

His hatred against UMNO is unfathomable as if UMNO has never done anything good to the Malays and Muslims in this country.

This is not the first time that Nik Abdul Aziz launched his tirade against UMNO. In fact he did it at every opportunity in his attempt to defend Pas, a party which has lost its direction and in a state of topsy-turvy.

We can also reason out that Nik Aziz who is catching up with old age and his capacity to rule Kelantan is waning, wanted to look for excuse to ‘justify’ his cause to contest in the coming 13th General Election (GE-13). He is now 81 years old and has been the Yang Berhormat since 1969.

Nik Abdul Aziz understands that at the grassroots level there are those who questioned why he refused to give way to others.

To them, Nik Abdul Aziz might useful to rule Kelantan in 1990 after taking over from UMNO and BN when he was still active spiritually and physically, especially with the party emphasizing on rule ulama to head the State administration.

That was before. Now they see for themselves how Nik Aziz from time to time becomes a liability to Pas. His tendency to give comment on political issue about UMNO and Pas is damaging to the party’s image and his own aura as tok guru and ulama.

In commenting Nik Abdul Aziz’s expletive while in Kuala Terengganu last Saturday, Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said “Nik Aziz is often celupar (shooting his mouth of)… you know when celupar…like a loose cannon talking without relying epistemic evidence. He issued his own decree making many renowned ulamas to question him. Not only that, even prior to this, he made many statements as if being a religious figure, he is can just issue his own decree. We have our National Fatwa Council. If Nik Aziz said so, it is better for him to refer to the National Fatwa Council. Is it true what he said or is it just a political statement?”

There is truth in what Muhyiddin said because all this while, Nik Abdul Aziz appears to be ‘invincible’ and nobody can criticize him.

This makes him to be arrogant in making political statement especially condemning UMNO.

As political leader in the rank of ulama, whatever he said will be upheld by die-hard Pas supporters and this often cause the existing rift among Muslims due to political difference to be more serious.

When he said that “as long as the Malays still support UMNO, it is incumbent upon me to fight because it is part of mungkar” let us take a look at the country’s history since independence. Is it true that UMNO is mungkar? If this is true, surely Malaysia cannot win the reputation as a model Muslim nation and Islam develop drastically in the country.

But Nik Aziz will never recognize this fact because for him only Islam under the Pas banner is right and bring prosperity to the country and the people.

However, Nik Abdul Aziz is over the board when he once accused that Islam brought by UMNO as false Islam and will not end in heaven whereas the world ulama complimented and applauded the leadership of the country headed by UMNO.

However, Nik Aziz will not endorse that recognition not because it is not true but it is giving UMNO the political edge. To Nik Aziz, only Pas is eligible in developing Islam in the country. But it is not to be.

If Muslims are to lay their hope on Pas, it is just a dream because under Pas Islam is being mere slogan and political capital of the party. In fact, Islam which Pas fight for is just slogan and rhetoric displayed on their political stage.

This can be seen in Kelantan where Pas has been in power since 1990, Kedah since the last 2008 general election and Terengganu for a brief period of between 1999 and 2004. There is not much progress under its rule compared with what UMNO has done in other States.

What is most unfortunate, Pas has abandoned its principle of creating an Islamic State to that of a Welfare Nation just to ensure that it will not look different with its two secular partners – Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and DAP.

As such, it is unbecoming for Nik Abdul Aziz to continue being celupar against UMNO. If he want to contest, just go on. It is his right in a democratic country. He should behave like former Independent candidate in Kuala Terengganu, Maimun Yusof, 93 or Tok Mun who wish to vie in the coming poll despite suffering an upset in 2008.

At least Tok Mun is far better than Nik Abdul Aziz because the textile trader decided to contest again on the ground that she wants to correct the country’s administration which she claimed beset by many shortcomings. Never mind about his reason to contest because at least he didn’t say that he contested “as long as the Malays still support UMNO, incumbent upon him to fight because it is part of mungkar.”

Tok Mun may not be an ustazah but at least she doesn’t commit any sin by linking others to ‘justify’ her cause for contesting. Probably in this case, Nik Abdul Aziz need to learn from Tok Mun in giving excuse to contest because in the end it is the people who are the judge whether that excuse can be accepted or not.