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Preve, the best model ever

Preve, the best model ever

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About two years ago, a group of journalists were taken to a secret room at the Proton Research and Development Department (R&D) in Shah Alam. “Secret” because not only were the journalists made to pledge that they would not report the event, but also the windows were closed and only the engineers and technicians at the division were allowed to enter the building.

Inside was a model of car made from clay, but with the external features ‘complete’, was on display. The journalists were given time to scrutinize the car design and then they were asked to give their opinion of the car design which were recorded by the Proton engineers.

Based on the views of my fellow journalists, who included veteran analysts in the automotive industry, the design of the new Proton model received positive comments.

The clay model features characteristics which are advance and most important, have all the body accessories, like signal lights on the side mirrors, spacious boot and day LED lights. Then, the Korean cars have yet to enter the market or built. The design of the Preve came from the creativity of the Proton engineers who are Malaysians.

The, Proton was busy introducing its Proton Inspira and still the Proton Exora multi-purpose vehicle.

“Development of the model, code-named P3-21A, needs time. We decide to launch the Proton Inspira to fill the gap and when this P3-21A is launched, we will rearrange the Proton models to avoid over-lapping,” said Proton Berhad Managing Director Datuk Seri Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohd. Tahir to Utusan Malaysia.

Last April 4, Syed Zainal Abidin officially announced the P3-21A model, which is Proton Preve (read prey-vey) and then, a test-drive was carried out from Putrajaya to Mantin using the Kajang-Seremban Expressway (Lekas). Following that , pictures of the Preve appeared on the Internet.

With an engine capacity of 1.6 litre, Preve is directly competing in Segmen C with Toyota Vios, Ford Focus, Honda City and Kia Forte models.

For the reorganization of Proton models, the presence of Preve saw Proton Gen.2 being dedicated for export markets, while Proton Persona is only offered B- Line (manual transmission ) RM46,713 and (automatic) RM49,713 per unit. Two other Persona variants, namely the M-Line and H-Line terminated. This means Persona B-Line will be placed under Preve, while Proton Inspira (1.8 litre and 2.0 litre engine) priced at between RM78,565 and RM91,565 per unit as the top model.

Preve comes in three variants, the Executive model using a five-speed manual transmission priced at RM59,990 per unit, Executive CVT or Continuous Variable Transmission model with six-speed (RM62,990 per unit). Both use the Campro IAFM+ engine, while the top model, Premium CVT uses the Campro CFE engine with a seven-speed ProTonic transmission at RM72,990 per unit.

For the Campro IAFM+ engine, it has a maximum 80 kW power at 5750 revolution per minute (rpm) and torque of 150 Newton meter (Nm) at 4000 rpm. The maximum speed is between 170-180 km per hour. The Premium CVT model offers a maximum engine power of 103 kW at 5000 rpm and torque of 205 at 2000-4000 rpm. It can accelerate up to 190 km per hour, although during the test drive, it recorded a speed of 210 km per hour.

Safety wise, the Premium CVT is well-equipped. Air bags for the driver and passengers, besides the ABS and EBD, BA and Traction Control.

An important safety feature of the Preve is the ESP (Electronic Stability Control) . It is learnt that it is Proton’s preparation to introduce Preve to Australian market., which required that all vehicles be fitted with ESP.

The luxury features of the Premium CVT is the start button, rain and weather sensor, auto wiper, auto cruise, LED lamp and for those who want to ‘play’ with the car, it is fitted with a converter gear at the paddle shifters.

Maintaining the family-friendly features, the cabin compartment has ample space to place goods, like four hooks for hanging.

The conclusion? Without bias, Proton Preve is the product of the best technology ever by Proton. From its contemporary design, accessories and safety features to the engine capacity and driving performance, Proton Preve is the choice for many and can be exported. Preve has the complete package and meet the requirements and needs of today’s buyers.