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Issues dogging the Selangor PKR government

Issues dogging the Selangor PKR government


Selangor Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim can talk anything. He brags that the opposition pact government in Selangor is 40 years better than the BN. The welfare state administered by the PKR Selangor will not be bankrupt as long as it practices good governance, transparent and fair.

That was what Khalid has said last month. He said, this was based on the Selangor financial statement for December 31, 2011. However, the facts do not support the statement. The people of Selangor can evaluate for themselves. Let’s look at these analyses:

1. People’s Housing Issue

In the 2008 election manifesto, the opposition pact has promised to help every people of Selangor to own a house.

It is true that the Selangor PKR government has built houses through the PKNS for the people. However, the fact is that, prices of houses are beyond the means of the ordinary people. Among them are the PKNS apartments at Section 7 Shah Alam, with a 1,100 square feet area are sold at RM300,000 and above, each unit.

The BN government was accused of being cruel for dismantling the squatter areas. However, the fact is every squatter area being destroyed was replaced with affordable houses for the affected people. This could be achieved because the prices of houses were far cheaper and could be bought by the medium salary earners.

2. Garbage

This garbage issue reflects clearly the failure of the state government. It terminated the Alam Flora service and handed the contract to the local authorities for the so-called purpose of cost-saving. The move has however has made Selangor being popular for the wrong reason and it is now better known as ‘Darul Sampah’ (the State of Garbage).

Selangor is getting critical by the day because of the situation. The new contractors appointed by the respective local authorities have failed to carry out their job well. Contrary to the view of the Selangor government, the expulsion and termination of Alam Flora Sdn Bhd (AFSB) will actually push up the cost of garbage collection and other related services.

It must be remembered that allocation for garbage collection and sewerage worth RM500 million annually came from the federal government.

The allocation is substantial and the concern that the state government used the allocation as election fund and other activities is real.

If Alam Flora can execute its job well, why is there a need to terminate its service and forced the local councils to take over the management but fail?

3. Water problem and UiTM

This is another problem created by the opposition government of Selangor. The Pahang government has agreed to sell water to Selangor since Selangor is expected to face water crisis by 2014.

The tunnel to transport water is well underway from the Pahang end. However, works on the Selangor end is facing problem because Selangor government refuses to cooperate over land compensation for the RM2 billion project, causing the delay for two years.

It is still fresh in the minds of many people that Khalid also refuses to grant land for the construction of UiTM in Serendah, forcing the campus to be built in Melaka thus denying Selangor of better educational facilities.

4. Economic issue

The Selangor PKR government is fortunate that it took over the helm at a time when the financial position of the state is strong due to the efficient BN administration. The opposition pact promise that it would do better. However, today we can evaluate for ourselves what happen to the promise.

The state government is bragging that the economic development of Selangor is very encouraging. However, it is the same government that abuses the petty traders in Selangor by increasing rentals of shoplots at the PKNS complex, up to 100 percent. This is the kind of welfare state the opposition is talking about.

The petty traders have to voice out their plight before the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, when he visited Selangor recently.

5. Educational issue

Since the opposition pact won Selangor, it turns everything into politics including the institution of higher learning. Vice-Chancellor of UNISEL has to resign due to political interference. UNISEL, set up during the time when BN was in power, is now facing losses worth millions of ringgit due to the decreasing student intakes. Feedbacks from parents show that they are not comfortable in sending their children to the university due to the political maneuvering in the campus and its administration.

As such, Khalid’s administration must explain on issue that has been circulating around saying that the financial position of UNISEL is in dire strait.

Selangor students sponsored by the Selangor Foundation placed in the Toh Puan Norashikin and Tun Dr Ismail hostels in Kampung Pandan, Kuala Lumpur, are also said to be facing problem when its administration is submitting to demand of dismantling the buildings to give way to commercial project.

The financial aids for Selangor schools are also on the line. The Chinese national type schools and Islamic religious schools received RM6 million each while the Tamil national type school received RM4 million. Based on the amount, there is a discrepancy in term of benefit to the schools because the number of schools far different from each other and yet one received more than the other. There are only 97 Tamil national type schools and 106 Chinese national type schools in Selangor. There are 500 Islamic religious schools and yet it received the same amount of fund with the Chinese national type.

6. The sand issue

The Selangor sand scandal will not see light at the end of the tunnel as long as the PKR is still in power. Why so? This is because sand provides the biggest revenue for the state which fails to generate income from other sources.

There is no need for the Selangor government too boastful about its financial reserve because it came from the sales of assets. The question is, why keep billions of money where it could be spent for development that will benefit the people?

It is not that difficult to overcome the sand issue. Firstly, the two PKR leader linked to the issue as exposed by Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) should file libel suits against RPK if the accusation is not true and to set up a royal commission of enquiry to investigate the alleged corruption.

The opposition is very quick to call for the set up of such commission of enquiry if such issue hit the BN. Now that the issue plagues the opposition, its leaders are silent about forming such body. - UTUSAN