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Bisik-bisik 16/10/2011

Bisik-bisik 16/10/2011

What is Aziz Bariís motive?

Awang is not surprise with the statement by a law lecturer, Professor Dr. Abdul Aziz Bari, in questioning the sultan of Selangorís reminder on the attempt to proselytize Muslims. There are many who know the actual Abdul Aziz Bari. Awang do not wish to make wild allegation but it is an open secret as revealed by Independent Member of Parliament, Zulkifli Noordin. His inclination for the opposition is apparent. An outstanding lecturer like Abdul Aziz will always attempt for justification to achieve his political mission. If he canít do it in a discreet way, he will go out in the open but under the disguise of academic pursuit. This makes Awang ponder at Abdul Aziz who is looked upon as a constitutional expert by certain quarters, for questioning the action by the Selangor Sultan ďas something unusual and inconsistent.Ē

According to him, the sultanís interference should be carried out in line with the teaching of Islam. This makes his standpoint sound out of sync and very much unwarranted. It is Abdul Azizís own action that is groundless. It is for this reason that we can understand why the public regard his opinion as uncouth. Based on the Selangor State Constitution, the sultan as head of the Islamic religious affair has absolute right on matters affecting Islam in the state. Analytically, the sultanís statement has no shortcoming and do not deviate from his scope of power.

As a Muslim, Awang thank the Selangor Sultan for his commitment in taking care of the interest of Islam which is unmistakably enshrined in the national Constitution. The question of whether the sultan is not consistent and not in line with the teaching of Islam, does not arise at all. Awang finds that Abdul Aziz action is an attempt at gagging the mouth of the Malay Rulers in discharging their actual role. If the Ruler and Sultan cannot touch on religious issue, then do they become rulers only for ceremonial purpose?

After all, what the Selangor Sultan has mentioned on the issue of proselytizing Muslim is the truth. As a responsible citizen, Abdul Aziz should submit to and support the truth. If he claims himself to be fighting for the truth, then why should he act otherwise? Is the investigation by JAIS which found that there was an attempt to deviate the faith of Muslim, as not the truth?

Although there is no prosecution being carried out due to insufficient evidence, the fact remains that there was real attempt to proselytize the Muslims. If not JAIS, does he mean to trust only the other side?

The Malaysiakini agenda

To Awang, Abdul Aziz has given a wrong signal to the various quarters including the non-Muslims that the sultan is open to challenge even if he touched on something which is under his purview. Abdul Azizís reaction in defending his statement and refuse to apologise to the Selangor Sultan, is an act of arrogance.

Awang believe that if the Selangor Sultanís statement on the church incident came out in favour of the opposition, surely Abdul Aziz will remain silent. It is not likely that he will dispute the sultan because he has other game that surpasses religious and constitutional interest.

As far as Awang can remember, Abdul Aziz has never made vocal comment in defending the constitution against any quarters that came out with statement that clearly go against it. Awang is upset that there is a Muslim who is the transgressor to the sovereignty of the Malay Rulers and the Constitution.

Meanwhile, we should not be easily trapped by the strategy of certain group which want to digress from the actual issue, that is proselytizing Muslims.

This strategy is being formulated by certain group including the Malaysiakini news portal which skewed its report according to certain interest and agenda including the proselytising issue. As usual, the portal give prominent to comment that questioned the Malay Rulers, in an attempt to undermine the Constitution and turn this country into a republic. Such impropriety is to create the feeling of hatred towards the royal institution and strangely Malaysiakini seems to be free to do as it like and immune from any action by the authorities. In Singapore, such provocative and wild comments will surely be met with drastic action by the authorities.

Unfortunately, in Malaysia there are those who fail to execute their task in efficient, firm and effective manner. The matter has been taken up many times and the public have been fed up in waiting for its solution. The Malaysian Communication and Multi-media Commission (MCMC) as usual will have its own excuse for the inertia. And Malaysiakini continue to rise as the third force in causing destruction by coming up with provocation after provocation.

Donít be surprised if the mindset of Malaysians after this is based on the malice feed by the portal. All of us have been responsible in allowing it to transgress that far. So donít blame Malaysiakini, but we have ourselves to blame.

Ananda and the bombshell

Malaysians are often exposed to the stories about the success and riches of a prominent businessman, T. Ananda Krishnan. His name came about in their minds either directly or indirectly despite the fact that the billionaire refuses to be under the spotlight of such prominence. His name has been perennially listed among the top tycoons in Malaysia and Asia.

It was another story last week. Malaysians woke up in shock to the report of the Indian investigation authority against him and his senior officer, Ralph Marshall.

Both of them were investigated along a former Indian central cabinet minister, Dayanidhi Maran and his younger brother, Kalanidhi, over an allegation of criminal conspiracy involving the purchase between Maxis Communication Berhad (MCB) and Aircel, in 2006. MCB and Astro All Asia Networks (Astro) is owned by Ananda.

The former owner and Chief Executive of Aircel, C. Civasankaran claimed that Dayanidhi during his time as minister has favoured the MCB in the takeover of the outfit. As a kickback, he was given the investment through the Astro network in Sun TV, owned by the Maran family. MCB bought 74 percent equity in Aircel valued at US$800 million from Sivasankaran who claimed to have been forced by Dayanidhi to sell his shares.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) India, has open up First Information Report (FIR) to enable a formal investigation be carried out. According to agency reports, the CBI has conducted raids on the premises of both brothers last week and is expected to call up Ananda soon.

The investigation of the case attracted worldwide coverage. The Indian media have a field day in reporting every progress of the case that shocked the telecommunication industry in the country.

MCB and Astro in its reaction, denied any wrong doing in the Aircel purchase and insist that it has paid the transaction based on the agreed price set together with Sivasankaran.

What will be the outcome of the investigation and will Ananda be found guilty? It surely needs airtight evidence through a comprehensive investigation process so that justice can be dispensed to both parties. As Malaysians, deep in our hearts, we hope that the case will end up favouring our people. Everything is still hazy so far while we ponder, will there another bombshell after this? We shall wait.

Another challenge...

The Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta is yet the target of another unruly street demonstration organised by non-governmental organisations (NGOs). The Forum Betawi Rempug (FBR) held its demonstration last Wednesday, destroying the embassy gate and causing a lamp to break. The next day, another group, Laskar Merah Putih (LMP) launched similar protest.

In both incidents, the demonstrators have insulted Malaysia as what has been done by the Bendera group last year. This time, the FBR and LMP held the protests for the so-called Malaysian illegal acquisition of more than 1,000 hectares of land in West Kalimantan. As usual, the government and Malaysians remain level-headed Ė refused to be drawn into such provocation.

What puzzled Malaysians is that such allegation was never heard before. It suddenly became a storm on the Indonesian side. Residents on both side of the soil in Camar Bulan, Sambas, West Kalimantan where the land is alleged to have be seized, are also shocked at the brouhaha. Local leaders of the Indonesian district have confirmed that the boundary marker between the two countries in the area has never been moved since it was agreed in1928.

The media team who visited the border area found that Malaysian and Indonesian residents there continue their harmonious lives as usual including sharing the afternoon delight with fried banana.

It is more embarrassing for the NGOs when the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) Chief, Admiral Agus Suhartono stated that there was no part of the region been taken by Malaysia. He also criticised the Indonesian media for the report that belittled and disparaged the role of the TNI.

Awang is relief and thankful that the truth finally prevail. Such menial provocation is an uncivilised act. The ill-intention of the group is apparent in wanting to make Malaysia as their scapegoat. It is easy to make Malaysia as their target compare with other countries. Some of the media are easily possessed.

It doesnít happen at a spur of a moment but a well-planned effort. Awang can see a third force behind the scheme. The intimate relation between Malaysia and Indonesia has once again safe the day from the dirty game of the group. In our own land, those who want to cash in on the incident are also frustrated. Their mission has been intercepted. Although they fail again this time, we have to be conscious all the time because its cohorts in Malaysia will not sit still.