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RTM ready to broadcast police footage of illegal rally

RTM ready to broadcast police footage of illegal rally

BANTING, July 18 - Information Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said that Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) was ready to broadcast the police footage of the July 9 illegal rally which also showed the aggressive behaviour of some of the rally participants.

He said the police should not keep the footage for too long until it became a ”contra element” for the force.

Rais said the police should welcome Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin”s suggestion for them to promptly show the footage to counter the opposition”s one-sided view of the incident including alleged police brutality.

Rais was speaking to reporters after officially opening the Mah Peri Orang Asli Cultural Village in Pulau Carey, here, today.

He said the ministry was willing to broadcast the footage for the sake of authenticity and justice.

He also said that the police should not necessarily always be smiling and patting people”s back.

"If they”re like that, the public will not be afraid of them. The police need to carry out their responsibility according to the law.

"We don”t want the police to be always smiling or being too polite until the people question their ability to protect the country,” he said.

"Therefore, the police should carry out their duty in accordance with the Criminal Procedure Code, Penal Code and other procedures in maintaining public order, and the ministry is ready to cooperate by providing explanations to the public,” he said. - Bernama