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Campus election, Utusan Rakyat and Selangor Terkini

Campus election, Utusan Rakyat and Selangor Terkini

The campus election this time around is tainted when a group of undergraduates

put up a rowdy protest that led to injury and damage to properties of the

university. This took place at the Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).

A blogger, Sarfarizal Saad (sarfarizmalsaad.blogspot.com) consider such unruly

protest by a group of students who are regarded as highly intellectual, as

tainting their own good names.

He says although the violence was the work of just a small group of supporters,

it is enough to change the perception of the public towards the students as a


“Democracy gives the opportunity for anyone to make their choice. Democracy for

all its primacy is not perfect. This imperfection is being exploited by certain

group to misuse democracy,” he says.

He says, attitude and moral of the students today are very important because

they are the ones who will shape the future national development of the country.

“If the pro-mahasiswa group chose to take up the violent culture, there is a big

possibility of Malaysia facing serious problem like what happen in the Middle


“Basically, they must abide by the rules of law as nobody can be free from the

law,” he adds.

Khairul Rizal Osman (khairulryezal.blogspot.com) meanwhile says, the recent

campus election was contaminateed with many violence and criminal-like incidents

led by some undergraduates who act along the line of the opposition movement

outside the campus.

He says the violent conduct of the undergraduates can also be linked to the

action by the government which gives the permission for undergraduates to be

involved in politics. Some of the student even fail their examinations as they

are too heavily involves in politics.

“The government should not submit to the demand of the campus extremists who are

being “sponsored” by the opposition pact,” he says.

Meanwhile, RBF Online (ruangbicarafaisal.blogspot.com) comments on the proposal

to publish Utusan Rakyat newspaper by President of the National Union of

Journalists (NUJ). The blog says that it is obvious that the opposition pact is

behind the proposed publication.

The blogger reveals copy of the proposal paper for the publication of the

newspaper which claim to be b

“Actually the proposed publication of the Malay language-based on freedom, good

journalism ethic and professionalism, is just to pull the wool before the eyes

of the public.

“Actually, the set up of Utusan Rakyat is the scheme carried out by PKR. In

order not to be seen as being behind the publication, they use a stooge Hata

Wahari, as their tool.

“The matter was discussed in a forum of Feb 15 where Hata, who claim to be

neutral , also presented a working paper on how to topple the BN government and

to destroy Utusan Malaysia.

Adamyan in his MyKMU.net (mykmu.net) under the heading “Utusan Rakyat Vs Utusan

Malaysia” says PKR deliberately want to publish Utusan Rakyat in order to be

close to the Malays, although the party has claimed to be a multi-racial party.

“What is PKR trying to show when all this while it accused the struggle of

defending the Malay rights as racist. It accused Utusan Malaysia as a racist

newspaper…that it has forgotten” writes the blogger.

Besides the two bloggers, the Utusan Rakyat issue is also commented by other

bloggers , among them are Kita Gempur (www.kitagempur.com), House PK

(parpukari.blogspot.com) and Media Permatang Pauh


Meanwhile, blogger Selangor Daily (www.selangordaily.com) criticize Political

Secretary of the Selangor Menteri Besar, Faekah Husin for questioning “Selangor

Terkini” published by the Selangor UMNO Liaison body, and regard the newspaper

as illegal.

The blogger says Faekah should not be bothered by the Selangor Terkini as its

publication doesn’t involve at all the administration of Selangor state

government whereas the opposition pact also published its newspaper without


“Faekah should explain to the people why the Selangor state government spent

RM1 million a month for the publication of the weekly Selangor Times.

“What is the need of publishing Selangor Times whereas the state government has

published Selangor Kini, which is aimed at disseminating news on Selangor to the

people,” says the blogger.

The blogger says Faekah’s unbecoming conduct in opposing Selangor Terkini is

nothing more than an attitude of a person who can only see the mistakes of

others but fail to recognize his own weaknesses.

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