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Novelist Ariffin Ngah dies

Novelist Ariffin Ngah dies

KUALA TERENGGANU Dec 25 — A well-known novelist in Terengganu, Ariffin Ngah, 70, died at his house in Kampung Bukit Tunggal today.

Ariffin, who was said to be suffering from various diseases since five years ago, died at about 1.15pm.

His wife, Zainab Muhamad, 67, said her husband had diabetes, kidney problem, and high blood pressure and was discharged from hospital last Sunday.

She said Ariffin, who used to work with Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka, had been writing Malay novels since he was a teacher and had won several awards, including the Terengganu literary award last year.

His works included “Anugerah Wahyu”, “Tangisan Pusaka Bangsaku” and

“Revolusi Kenyir”. Ariffin, who has 12 children and 50 grand children, was buried at the Kampung Bukit Tumbuh Muslim cemetery after the Asar prayer.