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Compulsory, Mandarin, Tamil?

Seems that the position of the Malay language in the country’s education system is challenged again. The policy to make compulsory Mandarin and Tamil in schools has placed the status of the two languages on an equal level with the Malay language in the country’s education system.

Shouldering burden to Putrajaya

All roads leading to the town are congested since the past few days because many returned home for the school holidays, and many too are here for the 56th Pas general assembly.

Najib’s popularity and 10MP

April 2009, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak took over the country’s leadership as the sixth Prime Minister from Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and since then, numerous surveys have been conducted to gauge his leadership. Most often, the survey by Merdeka Centre is used a reference .

Rachel Corrie ‘imprisoned’

It was quite touching to see the Irish women showing her emotions, for prior to that she had been strong and brave in facing challenges, but Jenny was not alone.

Government assurance brings relief to Kampung Baru residents

Definitely the date June 10, 2010 brought relief to Kampung Baru residents when the government assured them that the village will remain 100 per cent owned by Bumiputera.

People misled with mining revenue

By NOR SEDEK ISMAIL [email protected]

The Palestinians are pressured

The sufferings of the Palestinian people started when the Zionist attacked Palestine in 1948. Before the presence of Zionist in Jerusalem, the Muslims, Christians and Jews live in peace. History showed that the attitude of some Arab leaders provided opportunities for the Zionist, in addition to the setting up of Israel in 1948 as a result of the cooperation between the western countries and the Zionist.

The importance of volunteerism in youth organisation

YOUTH is defined as those aged between 15 and 40 years by the Youth

Basis of narrow analysis

The findings of the Subsidy Rationalisation Laboratory tabled by the Chief Executive of the Performance management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu), Datuk Seri Idris Jala surprised various quarters. Pemandu estimated total subsidy in 2009 at RM74 million, equivalent to 10.2 per cent of the GDP and almost 47 per cent of the operation expenditure for 2010.

Accelerate the people’s economy

The Tenth Malaysia Plan (10MP) will be announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak this Thursday. The people’s attention is now on the essence of the 10MP, the first five year plan from 2011-2015 to ensure the success of the New Economic Model . Therefore, the people want to know how far will it benefit them, especially on efforts to enhance their economy.

Chauvinism of colonial time

The 1Malaysia aims to unite the people as Malaysians. However, the development policies of Kuala Lumpur clearly rebuild colonialism and strengthen foreign chauvinism. Only during the colonial time, those who migrate as labourers and live in their own small settlement, hence the building of China town, little India or a foreign enclave.

Cobra Gold adds extra edge to the nation

IT is true from analysts’ perception that there have been significant changes in foreign policy since Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak took over the reins of the administration over a year ago.

World peace a myth?

If we are to look positively, Malaysia may be among several countries in the world which can be classified a small United Nations to what is being hoped to be achieved by the bigger United Nations (UN). A dream of wanting to see a more peaceful world will remain a dream.

Spearheading glocal Malay

THE PRIME minister in his book, Helming the Times (Menakhoda Zaman)

Israeli’s insolence will never ends

Behind the excitement of football fans waiting for the World Cup 2010 opening match between South Africa and Mexico this June 11, the world is rocked with the cruel and inhumane act of the Zionist regime in attacking an aid ship to Gaza, Palestine.

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