20 Januari 2019

Malaysia to recruit more Vietnamese workers

Malaysia to recruit more Vietnamese workers

HANOI Dec 2 - Malaysia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Vietnam to recruit more Vietnamese workers from the present 67,000 without requiring them to have the knowledge of English and Bahasa Malaysia.

The MoU, which covers procedures on sending, receiving and working periods for Vietnamese labourers in Malaysia, was signed here Monday by Malaysian Human Resources Minister Datuk Wira Dr Fong Chan Onn and Vietnamese Minister of Labour, Invalids and Social Welfare Nguyen Thi Hang.

"This is the first time Malaysia has signed a memorandum to accept foreign labourers without requiring compulsory use of either English or the Malaysian language," Fong was quoted as saying in the Vietnam News, the national English daily, Tuesday.

He said that Malaysian employers appreciate Vietnamese employees for their hard work and resourcefulness but their communication capacity in a foreign language was limited.

Fong said that Vietnamese workers would be increased to 100,000 from the present 67,000.

"Malaysia lacks about 1 million skilled and semi-skilled workers in all fields and Vietnamese workers would help fill the shortage," he said.

Vietnamese workers are employed in most of the states in the peninsula and form the second largest foreign labour force after the Indonesians. - Bernama